Family Stories in the Island City

Welcome to Hellaburbia

Hellaburbia is a small city in the San Francisco Bay Area. A former Navy town, sometimes called the Mayberry of the Bay Area, it is trying to hold onto its small town feel, even as development and new residents push it toward becoming either more urban, or more suburban. Its name for this blog comes from its proximity to Oakland, which some linguists have pinpointed as the home of the slang term "hella".

Who We Are

I'm Sarah. I'm a sometimes librarian, writer, teacher, and educational program developer. My work has appeared in Library Journal and in the Geek Dad book series. I'm married to P, whose work shows up, well, in lots of places. We moved to Hellaburbia in 2010 with our son, Young S, our dog and cat, and a ridiculous number of books. Since then we had our second son, Young T, purchased a ramshackle bungalow, and have begun delving into the mysteries of home remodeling and repair, homeschooling, gardening, and chicken ranching. Now that both boys sleep through the night, dress themselves, and can be trusted to not play with fire without an adult, we've begun to build our family culture around building and making, exploring, caring for our community, and trying new things. 

About the Site

This site is run on a version of Squarespace that is probably out of date already. All pictures are taken with either my Panasonic Lumix or my iPhone, unless otherwise noted. It goes without saying that all content is copyrighted to Sarah Holm Norton, unless otherwise noted, but I'll say it anyway. If you want to use something, please ask me directly. Thanks!